Johnny Quach

Johnny Quach

CPO, Hostelworld Group

I'm the current CPO/CTO at Hostelworld PLC Group where I lead over 100 people over a variety of functional areas that encompass Product, Technology, Growth, Design, and Data Science. I'm on the board of two joint ventures and lead all initial due diligence on big scale partnerships. While my role at Hostelworld is wide, my focus is very narrow: Build a millennial marketplace wrapped in a community. Previously I was the CPO at Airhelp, a Y Combinator startup from 2014 class, where I helped scale the company from 400 to 800 people while creating over 400% growth over his 3 years there. Built an impressive team of Product Managers, Designers, and Data analysts that continue to do great things.

The single purpose of a Product person is to look for Opportunities to Create Impact. That impact can span across revenue, users, and/or internal efficiencies. You leverage first principle thinking and user psychology to create repeatable processes that generate recurring success.

I've embarked on a variety of large scale projects from migrating an entire organization into the cloud, re-building an entire tech platform, and redefining a company's core company culture. I believe that if you build a team that is relentlessly resourceful you can accomplish literally anything.

Fun Facts: I was a professional poker player for 2 years, my dance team won America's Best Dance Crew Season 2, and I was previously a Master ranked Starcraft 2 player". I've given multiple keynote talks on the topics of Growth, Artificial Intelligence, and building company cultures.