Manjuri Sinha

Global Head of Talent Acquisition, OLX Group

Senior Human Resource Leader with 17 plus years of International Industry Experience with special Focus on Technology & People. Core Expertise in Hyper Growth build up of tech organizations in Europe and Asia. Building technology organization is my forte! The sheer pace and excitement of Scaling up keep me motivated. Having worked with big organizations like Accenture and Mphasis in the past, I have leveraged my experience to build Zalando tech teams, driving the talent acquisition strategy and delivery to finally achieve year on year 700 plus tech hires. In the last year executed a ramp up of 320 plus technology hires for OLX, across the world in Europe, Turkey, India and Latin America in 2020. Currently continuing the hypergrowth to add 500 + tech hires globally this year.

In order to scale up first and the foremost thing to focus on in the setting up of the TA engine, Talent Acquisition comprises attraction to onboarding. This should be a co ownership between the business and HR Leaders. Hiring needs to be the top priority for everyone in the organization. This needs a culture change, and this is something I am passionate about.

Sharing and networking is another of my cherished passions, and as a Speaker and a Panelist, I have avidly shared my ideas and knowledge on the topics of TA, Scale ups, Leadership and Diversity and Inclusion. I am based in Berlin, and have and worked across, India, Sweden, Czech Republic and Germany.